I run a cake business and I am really interested in playing around with weed, but mainly CBD, in my bakes. I know how to make infused weed products but I’m confused about CBD. What is the best way to cook with CBD and what type should I be using? - Cakes By Design

CBD is excellent for edibles. CBD is an anti-inflammatory, meaning it is good for aches and pains, and it is mildly psychoactive but it doesn’t get you high like THC does. CBD is also relatively legal (thanks Farm Bill!), meaning that the DEA won’t raid your bakery, but if you make health claims while trying to sell someone a slice of CBD-infused cake, the FDA may want to have a word with you.

As to your question: CBD is fat-soluble, so you can infuse it into butter or oil in the same way you would infuse THC.

Quick note: While CBD will not show up on a drug test, some CBD oils (especially those labeled “full spectrum”) may contain trace amounts of THC. By law, CBD hemp must contain less than 0.3 percent THC. And while that is a very, very small amount of THC, we mustn’t forget that THC stays in the body for a while, so even if there is only a small amount in CBD you eat, it can build up enough for you to test THC positive.

I hear the feds may allow banks to accept money from weed businesses. Is this true? - Matt Tressful O’Dough

It isn’t true yet. It is true that the House just passed the Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act, which would allow banks and credit unions and whatnot to accept money from legal cannabusinesses. This is great for cannabis, mostly because clubs having to store stacks of cash in a dispensary is a robbery waiting to happen, but also because I can’t wait to use my credit card to buy weed. Seriously, frequent flier miles would take on a whole new meaning. However, the bill still has to make it through the Senate (good luck getting Mitch McConnell to do anything that actually helps people… ) and then would have to be signed by the president to become law.

Something tells me the president probably has things other than cannabis banking on his mind right now, although I bet that if the bill allowed Russian banks to accept weed money, we would have it signed within a week.

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