What’s the biggest obstacle facing legalization this November? -Al Foreet

There are a few cannabis activists who feel like Proposition 64 isn’t the right way to go. Their argument is usually something about “not wanting corporate marijuana” or that Prop. 64 isn’t the “right kind” of legalization. But let’s be adults about this and accept the fact that there will probably never be a “perfect” legalization measure. Ever. Our first priority should be to keep people out of jail, and Prop. 64 will do that.

Right now, there are people all over California facing felony charges for “crimes” involving cannabis. Most of these cases have been put on hold pending the outcome of this election. If Prop. 64 passes, hundreds of people facing serious jail time will have their charges dropped. This is a big deal. Prop. 64 lessens penalties across the board for all marijuana “crimes.” This is great news for the casual user, and for the grower that decides to remain an outlaw.

There are some other folks against legalization, of course: the alcohol industry; most police officers’ unions (surprise); a Fentanyl manufacturing company in Arizona; the Las Vegas casino owner and right-wing media owner Sheldon Adelson; Kevin Sabet and his “Smart Approaches to Marijuana” group. (Hint: They aren’t very smart at all.)

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It is time for California to reclaim its spot as the leader in the cannabis industry. All the arguments people may have against this initiative don’t hold up. It is way beyond time to legalize weed in California. There is no good reason for anyone to vote against Prop. 64.

Do you ever think about the children? -I Care About Kids

I do. I think the kids are alright. Listen, if children being exposed to marijuana led to them using marijuana, my kids would be the biggest stoners in the state. They aren’t. They don’t even like the smell of weed. They look at cannabis like it’s some weird thing that “the olds” do, and that’s fine with me. When I think of the children I think of the teenagers (usually minorities) harassed by cops over small amounts of weed. Fortunately, Prop. 64 keeps kids caught with weed out of juvenile detention centers. There is no reason to incarcerate anyone for marijuana, ever. Think of the children. Protect the children. Help the children. Vote yes on Prop. 64.

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