Spring is so early this year. Would it be cool if I put my cannabis plants outside right now? I want them to get that good sunlight. - Earl E. Byrd

Slow your roll, big fella. Unless you are growing some sort of ruderalis hybrid, it is still too early to put your cannabis plants outside. Cannabis is what you call a “photoperiodic” plant, meaning that it starts to bloom as the days get shorter. Seeing as the days still fairly short, any plant you put outside right now will go into flower immediately, but since there’s only about four weeks until the equinox and a cannabis flower takes seven to 12 weeks to reach full maturity, your plants will either go back into vegetative mode or freak out and die. Both of those are bad. You might as well wait until after the equinox and use this time to make sure your garden is set up. Get your dirt and your tools together and a nice, happy space for your plants thrive once you plant them in April.

By the way, ruderalis hybrids are “autoflowering” plants, which means they don’t care about long days or short days. They just go into flower when they feel the time is right. Upside: You can grow autoflower cannabis plants year-round. Downside: ruderalis hybrids are usually a little smaller and so don’t yield as much. But you can harvest all year as opposed to just once, so it may even out. Have fun in the garden!

Did I hear something about bees loving cannabis plants? Please explain. - A.P. Erry

You heard correctly. According to a study published in the latest issue of Environmental Entomology, bees love pollen from the cannabis plant. The higher the plant, the happier the bee. Now, before you start growing giant pot plants in your garden whilst shouting, “This isn’t for me! This is for the bees!” at your neighbors, understand that you would have to grow all male plants. Since the female plants are the plants that get you high (the sweet sticky resin from the female cannabis plants is designed to capture pollen from the males) and having a bunch of male plants spraying their pollen everywhere is an easy way to create seeds in an entire garden or neighborhood, you might want to reconsider your plans. Sigh.

Here’s the thing though: Industrial hemp fields contain male and female plants. We need to talk Big Ag into growing as much hemp as possible. It’s a win-win. Hemp can help save the bees.

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