Can I really get fired for cannabis use? I am sober when I’m at work. I thought weed was legal in California. What gives? – Anita Vurk

Yes, you can really get fired. In fact, there’s a clause in Prop. 64 (the initiative that legalized adult-use cannabis in California) that explicitly allows employers to fire people who test positive for cannabis use. And yes, it is bullshit. And before you say anything, just know that in 2008 someone in California already tried to sue. The courts upheld the employer’s right to fire folks for weed in 2008. Look up Ross vs. RagingWire for details.

What can be done? The one and only Assemblymember Rob Bonta, D-Alameda, who is one of the most cannabis-friendly legislators of all time, has introduced a bill that would prohibit most businesses from firing medical cannabis patients who test positive for pot. “To be discriminated against by your employer because of the type of medicine you use is both inhumane and wrong,” Bonta told the Los Angeles Times.

He is correct. And he’s not alone. There are 16 other states that offer some form of employment protection to adult cannabis users, which is as it should be. Just because someone uses cannabis they don’t automatically become a bad employee. California should be leading the league in cannabis acceptance. And lest you worry, “What about the children?” most exceptions include school bus drivers.

I’m glad someone in the Legislature is willing to at least attempt to uphold people’s right to be a cannabis user and a productive member of society. Call your reps and tell them to support this bill.

Got a good dirt recipe? – Joe

I do. I mean it’s not my recipe, but the legendary master cultivator known as Subcool (may he rest in peace) created a “super soil” containing every ingredient needed to grow fantastic weed. Pros and amateurs all over the world use Subcool’s dirt recipe to grow top-shelf cannabis plants. The ingredients are easy to find, and the recipe – for a cannabis-friendly compost – is scalable, so you can make as much or as little as you need. And since his recipe takes about a month to “cook,” now is the perfect time to get started. You can find his recipe at I am sure Subcool would want you to grow the dankest buds ever this year.

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