How much weed is too much weed? - Ivana Smokalotovit

Good question. Maybe you are asking because of a recent statement made by boxing legend and ganjaprenuer Mike Tyson. If you missed it, during a recent podcast, Tyson stated that he and his friends generally smoke about $40,000 worth of cannabis every month. Quick math: Assuming Mr. Tyson gets his weed at cost since he runs a weed farm these days, really good weed is about $2,500 per pound wholesale, so The Champ and his friends go through roughly 16 pounds a month. That is a lot, so my first question is: How many friends does he have? I mean, if it’s just him and three other people smoking 4 pounds each per month, they might want to look at their dependency issues. But if it’s Mike Tyson and 40 other people, it’s only about 6 ounces per person per month.

But seriously, cannabis use is extremely subjective, and it can be hard to recognize when someone may be using cannabis to avoid life rather than to enhance it. Clint Werner, author of the book Marijuana: Gateway to Health, points out that while cannabis is not addictive, people can use it to avoid responsibilities: “If you spend all day doing bong hits and watching reruns ofSpongebob, then you probably have a marijuana problem.” He is right. Enjoy cannabis responsibly.

Who are your favorite cannabis-infused artists? - Norman Potwell

Do you mean artists who use cannabis or folks who make cannabis art? We could talk music but that’s too easy. There’s a long list for that: Willie Nelson, Rihanna, Snoop, Bing Crosby, etc. I mean, what musician doesn’t smoke weed? So we will discuss visual artists. Did you know people have been drawing pictures of cannabis for thousands of years? Sheset, the ancient Egyptian goddess of education, is often depicted with a cannabis leaf above her head. If an Egyptian goddess is telling you that weed makes you smarter, you should probably pay attention.

In the present day, I really like Cliff Maynard. He uses the papers from roaches (that’s the unfinished end of a joint, you square) to make portraits. His work is great. Robert Arneson is a California-based sculptor and definitely a pothead, if his 1982 self-portrait “California Artist,” which shows him standing next to a cannabis plant, is any indication.

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