I heard you have to pay to get a permit to grow weed in California. Is that true? - N. D’orr

It is if you live in Indian Wells. The City Council there just passed an ordinance that would make wannabe home growers register for inspection and pay $141 for the privilege. This is ridiculous and probably illegal. People with home brew kits don’t have to register their bathtub booze operations. Why should cannabis users have to jump through extra hoops when cannabis is the safest of all the recreational drugs? Prop. 64 says that people can grow six plants per residence. And while Prop. 64 allows for “reasonable regulations,” there is nothing reasonable about having to pay to grow a noncommercial cannabis stash. Cannabis lawyer and all around do-gooder Omar Figueroa had this to say to the Desert Sun: “It’s not a constitutionally enforceable law. It would be foolish of them to enforce it.”

Figueroa goes on to cite a 1969 Supreme Court case, Leary v. United States, which found that self-incrimination at a federal level can’t be required during enforcement of state law. Since cannabis is still federally illegal, asking home growers to implicate themselves should be a non-starter, especially in light of the incoming federal government. Unless you live in Indian Wells, you can grow your six plants in peace.

I am looking for life insurance. But I smoke a bunch of weed. Is that going to be a problem? - Kimberlee

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Back in the day when cannabis was an evil drug that ruined homes and caused people to neglect their children, it was fairly commonplace for folks to be denied a life insurance policy because they tested positive for THC. Now with cannabis legal in eight states plus Washington D.C., cannabis use is not the roadblock it used to be.

Pot users don’t get the great rates that nonsmokers do. Most companies charge cannabis users the same rates they charge cigarette smokers, which is a bit of a drag (pardon the pun). In fact, cannabis is a proven neuroprotectant, stress reliever, and beneficial yadda yadda… you’ve heard me say these things before. I long for the day when some smart and industriously thinking ganjapreneur opens a cannabis credit union and term life insurance company.

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