What’s the best weed to pair with La Croix? - Mitt Gass

I’m glad you asked. Pairing cannabis with food items is just now becoming a thing. There are many ways to go. Are you looking to enhance or intensify your flavors? Match ’em up. Try a nice grapefruit with your Pamplemousse, or some tangie with your orange-flavored sparkling water. Cherry pie or black lime reserve will make a cold, refreshing cherry-lime bubbly water taste like heaven. You could also look for contrasts and complements. The coconut calls for tropical notes, so I would go with mango concentrate or strawberry cough. Blue dream weed paired with lemon water is like a summertime pie. If you like earthy, creamy weeds (all the cookies and kushes), go with coffee. A dark-roast Guatemalan paired with a smooth and luscious cookies-and-cream will get your morning off to a pleasant start. Theses are just my suggestions, though. Maybe you should hold a party and come up with your own pairings. Let me know how it goes.

What strains do you enjoy when you’re feeling anxious? - Ahn Tinderhooks

Stay away from sativas or anything with a high THC content and a low CBD count. When I am anxious, I look for nice smooth indicas. A good Bubba Kush, maybe some DJ Short Blueberry, perhaps a nice Romulan if you can find it. Look for high-CBD content to help smooth you out. Generally, if weed is making me feel anxious about something, it’s because I need to deal with whatever it is I am feeling anxious about. So, handle your business, then enjoy your weed.

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What strains won’t trigger the munchies? Got that beach bod to consider. - Van Glorious

Sounds like you need a strain that is high in THCV, a compound found in some cannabis plants that has been shown to help with anxiety and panic attacks. It also suppresses appetite. THCV is kinda hard to find, but shows up most often in old-school African landrace strains like Durban Poison and Red Congolese.

Remember, it’s not always about getting the munchies, but what you eat when you have the munchies. Fill your house with healthy snacks. If you eat a pound of strawberries instead of a pound of French fries, your beach bod will be just fine.

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