What strains are best for fibromyalgia and “fibro fog”? - A. Keybrakey

Cannabis has been used to treat fibromyalgia (a chronic disease that causes widespread muscle pain, tenderness and fatigue) for years. Folks aren’t really sure what causes fibromyalgia, although scientists say that it is similar to a sort of arthritis that affects the muscles instead of the bones. Weed is great for for managing arthritis symptoms and according to a studypublished in 2016 in the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, cannabis is also effective for fibromyalgia. The study cites “clinical endocannabinoid deficiency” as the culprit. The human body makes its own cannabinoids to help with things like pain and inflammation. But sometimes the human body doesn’t produce enough, hence the “deficiency,” and that’s where the cannabis steps in. According to the study, “… even [if] THC alone is poorly tolerated or appreciated by patients, standardized whole cannabis extracts that contain additional synergistic and buffering components, such as CBD and cannabis terpenoids, are certainly preferable.” This is a fancy way of saying that THC is cool, but folks looking for relief should try the whole plant.

The good folks at have been soliciting feedback from cannabis users about weed and fibromyalgia for years. According to their analytics, high-CBD strains like Harlequin and Cannatonic are best to relieve pain caused by fibromyalgia.

As to the “fibro fog” part? Good luck. Not trying to be flippant, but like I said, I Am Not a Doctor. Talk to your health care practitioner.

Do they still test for weed in California? - Mod L. Wokurr

Yep. But sometimes they will let you slide. Cali is an “at will” state, meaning that employers can fire you whenever, for whatever. But weed is legal now and many employers don’t want to fire a productive employee just because they failed a drug test. THC stays in the human body for a long time, even after the high has gone, so it’s hard to tell if someone is stoned at work, unless they are not doing their job well or eating all the snacks in the lounge. My advice is to find a job where you won’t be tested, or become such a good and productive employee that you can’t be fired, or just keep weed and work separate.

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