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If you can picture a cup of nitro cold brew coffee personified – frothy, exuberant, a little hyperactive – that’s Mikey Baroni working a farmers market. He hops back and forth between the taps on the cart in front of him, and those on the larger cart to the side, chatting with customers and serving up a bevy of nitro-fueled beverages. If you don’t look closely you just might miss it – that cart he’s serving from? It’s on a bike.

Starting a pedal-powered cafe wasn’t Baroni’s original goal. He bought the bike at the end of 2018 to help out a friend, thinking he’d use it for deliveries. But then one thing led to another and NitroCycle831 officially got “on the road” in 2019.

Now Baroni and his bike can be found at farmers markets and pop-ups and private events, serving coffee, tea and juice. On the first, NitroCycle serves straight-up cold brew as well as some more creative concoctions like “dirty-chata” – horchata and coffee. The business gets its beans from Captain + Stoker. For teas, think chai and matcha. Baroni also offers cold-pressed juices that he and wife Natasha make themselves. One popular option, “Notorious P.O.G.,” is a blend of passion fruit, orange and guava juice. Infused with nitro it’s a creamy, sweet and tart, perfect for a hot day.

For Baroni, biking around – even towing his refrigerated trailer for a big event – is the joy of it. “The fact that I can ride a bicycle around and create smiles and fill cups – that’s definitely a blessing,” he says. “If I only make like $10 in sales but I meet some great people, I think I’m a pretty happy guy.”

To find out where the cafe will be next, follow NitroCycle at

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