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Sahand Sultan-Qurraie is months past the date he had planned to open his new dispensary, Rare Earth, on Broadway in Seaside. With hiccups in renovating and the uncertainty created by the Covid-19 pandemic, opening the building to the public hasn’t happened yet.

Instead, while he works on completing the showroom, he is bringing the product to customers via no-contact delivery. “I don’t want to expose employees or the public, so I think the right thing to do is what we are doing­ – delivery,” Sultan-Qurraie says.

He is also working to figure out exactly which products he will carry, and says his decisions are all about finding high-quality products: “The vision is to be this hole in the wall that has the best weed.”

When it comes to flower, that means premium indoor-grown craft cannabis from across the state including strains from Up North Farms in Humboldt, Sense out of San Francisco and Fig Farms and IC Collective, both in Oakland.

In his striving to carry only the highest-quality products, Sultan-Qurraie carries just one brand of vape pen – Friendly Farms – the only one he has confirmed doesn’t use distillate or additives.

High quality comes with a high price, but Sultan-Qurraie says not to worry: “If someone is on a budget they can use a better product that they have to smoke less of to get the same result,” he says.

Order from Rare Earth at weedmaps.com/deliveries/rare-earth  324-4103.

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