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Squidfry 01.13.22: Speak Not

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SPEAK NOT… When readers began picking up the Weekly’s final issue of 2021, a familiar rippling sound was heard across the coastline and even reached the Monterey Bay Submarine Commune, interrupting Squid’s mollusk meditation therapy – part of a New Year’s resolution. Squid turned to the mollusks for confirmation: Indeed, it was the sound of pearls being clutched. Meditation ruined, Squid opened up the paper. What’s the fuss about? Perhaps, the “Recall Mary Ann Leffel” advertisement on page 9, paid for by Public Water Now, thought Squid. What kind of rookies use the color brown for a recall ad?

Only a few days later, Squid tuned in to watch the civics shitshow promised by the Jan. 5 LAFCO meeting, where five of seven commissioners, including Leffel, would vote down a democratically-approved buyout of Cal Am based on laughably shaky grounds. Suddenly, Squid realized the pearl-clutching was for the Leffel ad. Several callers swung into public comment to defend Leffel as the quintessential public servant and lambast Public Water Now as “petulant children,” as if the organization had slandered her. Leffel remained silent the entire meeting, only piping up with a single “yes” during the roll-call vote.

Squid thinks there is no room among positions of power for those with glass jaws. If she and her supporters cannot take the heat, it’s best to stay out of the kitchen.

FIGHTING WORDS… Monterey County has felt insulated from the toxic political discourse that’s wracked America over the past several years, but it’s no thanks to the Monterey Peninsula Republican Women Federated, a club that last made news in 2018 when they invited former Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio to speak at a luncheon.

The same Arpaio who was a noted proponent of the racist birther movement during Barack Obama’s presidency, and who as sheriff, cost Maricopa County taxpayers more than $146 million in legal settlements for civil rights violations. And now the Republican women are stirring the pot again, as they’ve invited Matthew White, representative for Turning Point USA, to speak about the group’s “mission to help enlighten young people” at their Jan. 13 luncheon at Palo Corona Regional Park. TPUSA, as you might know, is a far-right political group Charlie Kirk founded in 2012, and Kirk, as you might know, was a key organizer in “Stop the Steal” rallies after the 2020 election that Donald Trump lost fair and square. Kirk also stirred the pot before the Jan. 6, 2021 “March to Save America” rally that ended in a deadly insurrection at the Capitol. Two days before that, Kirk tweeted that TPUSA would be sending “80-plus buses full of patriots to participate.”

Last Squid checked, overthrowing democracy doesn’t constitute patriotism – more like fascism.

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