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Squidfry 05.26.22: Prius Express

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PRIUS EXPRESS… Squid’s a big believer in snail mail, and likes to communicate with friends by postcard – sometimes they take longer than expected to arrive, but that’s part of the charm. But they always arrive.

The Transportation Agency for Monterey County similarly put a lot of faith in the U.S. Postal Service to send out 169,900 copies of the agency’s annual report. So TAMC wrote a check for $32,500 in postage, and mailed it to the San Jose regional hub for USPS on May 3. A week later, it still hadn’t arrived. Two weeks later – nothing. So they treated it as a piece of lost mail, canceled the check, and TAMC sent a staff member to hand deliver the replacement check in San Jose on Monday, May 16, so mailing could start on time.

“We sincerely apologize to the Transportation Agency for the inconvenience this matter has caused,” says USPS spokesperson Evelina Ramirez. “An apology is no substitute for good service, but I wish to offer one on behalf of the Postal Service.”

Irony number one: Mail a check to the post office, and the post office loses that particular piece of mail. Irony number two: a TAMC staffer – one person, in one car, exactly the kind of thing TAMC advocates for all of us to avoid – drives to San Jose to make sure the check arrives.

Squid is still awaiting Squid’s copy of the report, and hoping it did not get lost in the mail.

UNCOMMON SPENDING… Speaking of Squid’s mailbox: Plenty of political mailers are getting delivered without issue. First came a piece on cardstock urging Squid to vote for Zoë Carter for Assembly District 30, for “common sense leadership.”

It’s not Carter, but an independent expenditure committee called Fighting for Our Future is behind the mailer. The group, which formed April 25, has so far spent a whopping $377,700 supporting Carter’s race – and another $135,700 opposing Dawn Addis, according to campaign finance reports. Squid got an anti-Addis mailer too: “Can we trust $1 million Dawn? The choice of the $pecial interests,” presumably a reference to her massive union support. (However, Squid notes, Addis has far less than $1 million in the bank.)

Squid was curious about this new group weighing in on which Democrat to vote for in the primary – though they’ve said nothing about Jon Wizard, as far as Squid can tell – as they are an unusual alliance of mostly the California Association of Realtors and Alliance of California’s Farmers and Ranchers, which have collectively pooled $1.1 million.

What do real estate and agriculture interests both want from the next assemblymember for the Central Coast? Squid tried asking the Sacramento lobbyists registered in connection to the committee, but they didn’t call back.

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