Kanye West: I just want to be a doper person which starts with me not always telling people how dope I think I am.

TEABAG TIME… Radicalism isn’t just for eco-anarchists and anti-war protesters anymore: The right is reclaiming its right to be rad. Inflatable pigs and sodden sacks of Earl Grey were involved in the first local “tea party,” at Window on the Bay Park March 7, and another is planned for Armageddon… er, Tax Day, April 15.

TEA stands for “taxed enough already,” according to local organizer Robin Kubicek: “It is our goal to hold our elected officials, whether they be state or federal lawmakers, accountable to the taxpayers… us!” Indeed, hundreds of Tea Parties are cropping up across America, kinda like the Flash Mobs notorious for decorating San Francisco with feathers and shaving cream. Only these folks – such as the hooker-soliciting, Twittering Sen. David Vitter – tend to be conservatives, not artsy anarchists.

While the protests are officially non-partisan, it stands to reason that many teabaggers support expensive government services like police departments, extraordinary renditions and freshly paved roads for unregulated SUVs – while opposing free things like gay marriage and decriminalized pot. So Squid’s left wondering: How does teabagging Obama accomplish anything, other than a ticklish moment for our new president?

Ana Marie Cox of Air America radio offers one barely nuanced theory on the Rachel Maddow show: “You could say there’s a big split between the teabags. The social teabaggers and the fiscal teabaggers are really starting to move apart from each other.”

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Being a left-tentacled mollusk, Squid’s paying more attention to the fiscals.

GAME ON… “Show me a good loser, and I’ll show you a loser,” Squid’s favorite political philosopher, Vince Lombardi, has noted. Nevertheless, Squid was flattered to be the object of trash talk from the Herald’s Professor Toro in the wake of the Weekly-sponsored basketball tournament during Good Old Days. Seems the Professor was miffed that “our favorite robust local weekly” did not mention the Herald’s hoops victory in our pages. Toro allowed that he “was forlorn but not surprised,’’ given that “the Weekly seems to adhere to the philosophy that if you can’t say something snarky about the Herald, don’t say anything at all.” Well, excuuse us. Squid won’t even mention that the Herald’s lead story on the day of Professor’s Toro’s squib was a rehash of the Design Center sale story broken robustly by the Weekly earlier that week. Congratulations, dudes, whether or not you’re actually employed by the Herald. Besides, it’s good to share the wealth, after Weekly championships the last two years straight. And in the words of Brooklyn Dodgers fans everywhere: Wait till next year.

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