Hitopadesa: By the fall of drops of water, by degrees, a pot is filled

WATER WOES… Was it a pipedream to think that local politicians, agencies and activists could all work together and find an alternate solution to the Monterey Peninsula’s water woes? Um– even Squid was hopeful.

Quick history lesson: In January 2007, the Regional Plenary Oversight Group (REPOG), a group of stakeholders and citizens, was established and charged with developing a regional water supply planning strategy– in other words, an alternate to Cal Am’s Coastal Water project revolving around a Moss Landing desal proposal. The REPOG process came up with the Monterey Regional Water Project Plan, which includes recycled water, Salinas Basin ground water, water from the Salinas River diversion program, a regional desalination facility, on-going water conservation, among other things.

Things seemed to move along swimmingly– and then Squid got an email from Steve Kasower, a senior research economist at UC-Santa Cruz’s Center for Integrated Water Research. “Sadly I must cancel our Sept. 3 REPOG meeting,” he wrote. (Squid burst into tears.) “We still do not have a contract in place with local agencies to finance the REPOG process,” he continued. “I am optimistic that the ‘politics’ will give way to reason and we will soon be financially supported by your water and wastewater purveyors.” Translation: Nobody wants to drink from the same cup. Kasower wrote. “They do not think ‘regionally’ so they don’t see value in regional solutions.”

Squid’s off to storm the government buildings– with a supersoaker– but which agency first?

DIRTY JOLIE… Local filmmaker Clint Eastwood is apparently experiencing operating difficulties– or at least, tweaking– his latest oeuvre.

The Changeling, starring Angelina Jolie in between her rescue efforts, already played the Cannes Film Festival this spring but a scheduled showing at the Toronto Film Fest this week has been cancelled in order to allow the famously disciplined director to tinker with it, according to a recent report in The New York Times.

Whatever the ultimate fate of the movie, it didn’t deter Carmel Magazine from putting the fair Angelina on the cover of its Spring/Summer issue. In fact, the publication seems to be making a sub-genre of photographs of busty young ladies: cultural icon Jessica Simpson, with only slightly less décolletage, graces the cover of its Summer/Fall issue.

Meanwhile, back in Cannes, the Times reported that Eastwood “put the kibosh on reports that he would be returning to play ‘Dirty Harry’ again.

“That rumor is incorrect,” Mr. Eastwood said. “But ‘I am!’’ Ms. Jolie piped up, an idea that seemed to appeal to her director. “Dirty Harriette,” he said, smiling.

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