SquidFry: People of the world don't look at themselves, and so they blame one another."—Jalal-Uddin Rumi (1207-1273)

LOVE IS IN THE AIR… Squid feels it. Apparently Supervisor JERRY SMITH does too. Squid knows this because of Squid’s super-cephalopod sensing skills: Smith keenly timed his campaign reelection announcement to Thursday, Feb. 15—the day after Valentine’s Day.

Smith will officially jump into the supervisorial race on Feb. 15, at 11:30am on the steps of the STEINBECK CENTER in Salinas. (Again, strategic: Salinas residents in Smith’s District 4 seat—which covers Del Rey Oaks, Marina, Sand City, Seaside and Southwest Salinas—are the key voters to win over in this largely Peninsula district.) Strategic—and early.

Maybe Smith was inspired by the state legislature, which recently passed a bill to change the date of the California presidential primary, moving it from June to February. Or maybe he simply wanted to enter the race before challenger JANE PARKER announces her candidacy. Parker gave Smith a run for his money (more than $250,000) in a very close race for the District 2 seat back in 2004.

On the other hand, maybe he’s got a heart-themed tie—or socks, or boxers, or whatever—that he wants to get more than one day’s wear out of this year. And honestly, Squid can’t blame him.

HOW LOW CAN THEY GO?… Attention thieves who pilfered goods from the PALMA HIGH SCHOOL rummage sale last weekend: You are going to hell. It’s a Catholic school. Squid’s pretty sure GOD noticed.

It started out like any other Rummage Sale Sunday for Squid. Squid pulled into the school’s parking lot early for the 8am door opening, and didn’t squeal too loudly over the spendy $2 admission fee. Once inside, Squid was eyeing a hat with a battery-operated fish head when two women walked up to the belt table, put several on over each other, and walked off.

Squid was about to squeal when Squid caught sight of a woman sitting on the floor layering several pairs of socks and gloves (!) onto her feet, then slipping her shoes on. She then stood and put on several shirts and at least three sweaters and waddled away.  

At the jewelry table, a shopper stuffed the inside pockets of a handbag with bangles, then offered to buy the bag. The clerk caught on and the customer fled. Another volunteer convinced a guy to give up a hoard of silver stashed in his jacket.  

Squid watched from the stands: Good folks looking for good bargains, and a handful of losers ripping off just to rip off. Squid headed back to get the fish hat, disgusted with humanity. “Hmm. It was here just a minute ago,” the worker said. OK, so no hat for Squid. But Squid’s OK with that. Karma’s a bitch.

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