GAMBLING FOR CAMPAIGN DOLLARS… Even mollusks have feelings. And Squid’s are hurt. Deeply. See, the DONOHUE FOR MAYOR COMMITTEE recently sent out a whole boatload of invitations to a “Great City Poker Tournament.” But did Squid get one? Nooo. What, mollusks aren’t good enough for poker? Afraid Squid will run too many hands at once? Babies.

The details go something like this: Apparently, the Salinas mayor’s campaign is in debt to the tune of $35,000 to $45,000, depending on who’s doing the math. So some geniusite decided that a good way to reline the campaign’s pockets—er, repay the debt—is to hold a poker tournament.

For the low, low price of $175, invited guests (not Squid) will get in the door for some cocktails and dinner. For the low, low price of $1,000, invited guests (not Squid) will get two whole seats at the poker table to play against the mayor.

Chump change. Squid already found $1.29 in Squid’s desk, and Squid’s colleagues have chipped in another 87 cents.

While there will be no cash prizes, the winner of the (shhh) Rodeo Grounds event on May 3 will slither off with a really cool silver belt buckle. Squid would look good wearing a big, shiny belt buckle.  

Squid’s not even going to mention Squid’s concern that Donohue’s campaign raised around $220,000 and somehow spent more than $284,000. It would be nitpicky to point out that a good quality in a mayor might be, oh, the ability to, say, balance a checkbook. But Squid’s not bitter.

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HUG A DISPATCHER… Squid has spewed lots of ink in this column about the silliness of proclaiming any given seven days as such-and-such week: Common Cold Prevention Week, Rabid Squirrel Appreciation Week and the like. But finally, Squid’s found a week that a cephalopod can stand strongly behind: PUBLIC SAFETY DISPATCHERS WEEK. It’s a tough, thankless job (much like writing this column, actually) and Squid admires the men and women in Monterey County who do it. Squid hearts Public Safety Dispatchers—and apparently, so do MONTEREY COUNTY SUPERVISORS.

On Tuesday, April 10, the Supes adopted a resolution proclaiming April 8 through April 14 Public Safety Dispatchers Week in Monterey County. And the Supes’ timing is right on, too. See, they adopted the resolution while the board-approved General Plan Update is in limbo, pending the June election. By most accounts, if GPU 4 goes into effect—and the massive, subsequent development begins—public safety officials, like dispatchers, are going to be stretched very thin. Response times are expected to increase. In other words: Plan grave illnesses or attacks wisely, and well in advance.

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