NOT IN CARMEL’S BACKYARD… Squid could barely keep Squid’s eyes open through the nearly three hours of redundant public testimony at Carmel-by-the-Sea’s overflowing April 11 PLANNING COMMISSION meeting—and Squid doesn’t even have eyelids. The good news is, democracy works. Even though developer BOB LEIDIG scaled back his proposal for the old Carmel Convalescent Hospital site to 30 condos, and city staff recommended humoring him, the Commission stuck by the neighbors who cried foul, unanimously denying Leidig’s request to annex the 3.7-acre property.

The bad news is, the neighbors’ outcry smells like NIMBYism. Some of the written public comments against annexation included the sentence: “Mr. Leidigs’ proposal for multiple housing would probably meet Carmel’s low-income housing needs; however, that need should be met in Fort Ord, not here.” Um, excuse Squid? The hoity-toiterism practically oozes through the lines: PO’ FOLK can work in Carmel, sure, but let’s not let them live here!

Should be interesting to see what will happen with the old hospital site now. Leidig may ask the County to rezone it, pursue his idea to build a boutique hotel, or simply drop his option to buy it, throwing it back into Real Estate Purgatory. The neighbors have vowed to stay in the game. Squid wonders if they’ll be happier with the end result.

TAX DOLLARS AT WORK… If Squid has a problem with Squid’s neighbor, Squid doesn’t sue him. Squid eats him. So when it comes to things like the ongoing legal battles over the GENERAL PLAN, Squid’s at a loss. (Although it does make Squid kinda hungry.) After keeping it off the ballot, getting sued, approving GPU 4 and then placing that on the ballot, the COUNTY SUPERVISORS voted unanimously to place the COMMUNITY GENERAL PLAN INITIATIVE on the June ballot. And yet County Counsel CHARLES MCKEE went to federal court to argue that the Initiative should be kept off the ballot. Doesn’t make any sense to Squid, and Squid bets it’s not cheap.

Looks like Squid’s not the only taxpayer feeling baffled and broke. On April 11, Paula Lotz, campaign manager for the Initiative, submitted a Public Records Act request to the County. She wants to review documents that show how much money the County has been billed, and how much money the County has paid out to lawyers in the litigation over the General Plan and the Voting Rights Act lawsuits since July 1, 2005. She also wants to know to whom the money has been paid, by whom it was billed and when it was billed and paid.

Legally, the County must respond to Lotz’ request in 10 days—so the clock’s ticking. Meanwhile, Squid wonders what Supes taste like. Probably chicken.

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