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SECRET SOCIETY… Squid isn’t really the betting type, but Squid is willing to throw down for things that are a safe gamble: An uptick in men’s flannel shirt sales. A flux of Americans vacationing in Cuba. County officials scheduling more sooper seekret water meetings.

A new technical advisory committee will develop hydrologic models for a five-year study of the Salinas River Groundwater Basin to determine just how much seawater is intruding on the basin.

Who’s not invited? “In order to provide an environment conducive to open deliberation among professionals, TAC meetings will not be open to the public,” Carl Holm, acting director of the county Resource Management Agency, wrote April 2 to prospective committee members.

Meanwhile, another groundwater-related group is forming – also without the public. New state law requires a groundwater sustainability agency (GSA) for the Salinas Valley by June 2017. The Monterey County Water Resources Agency appeared poised to become the GSA, but everyone from the city of Salinas to Marina Coast Water District to Castroville Community Services District wants in, too.

“Nobody’s trying to keep anybody out,” says Salinas Public Works Director Gary Petersen. But a small committee – repping Salinas, the county and the agriculture industry – is meeting privately to hatch a plan involving an outside facilitator to help them form what Petersen assures Squid will be an inclusive, open GSA. That’s not something Squid would wager on.

MISSED CONNECTIONS… When Squid’s too lazy to hunt dinner (and if Squid has some extra cash), Squid loves oozing to Fisherman’s Wharf for a bowl of chowder.

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And if Squid had a lot more dollars lying around, Squid would consider buying the Wharf Theater building, whose former owner, Angelo DiGirolamo, passed away last year. The building posted for sale on Craigslist last month for $1,795,000. Mahoney & Associates, representing the sellers, call it a “Ground Leased Investment Property.”

Squid’s learned a lot about wharf leases lately, so let Squid help with the sales pitch: The tenants will pay $10,153 a month plus 2 percent of their revenue! They also pay all the rent owed to the city! And there’s a vacant theater space that can be leased to somebody else! No worries about the lease expiring anytime soon: The building is yours until 2041. And the best part is, there’s this weird provision in the lease that says you can take the actual structure with you when you leave.

All you have to do? Keep the building’s pilings up to snuff, which isn’t cheap. But you’re rich; you know the drill: Spend some money, make a lot more.

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