THE LAST DROP… Squid once drank a few too many sips of Kool-Aid and felt, yes, hope for Barack Obama. But Squid’s natural cynicism was restored soon after the 2008 elections, and Squid saw right through the president’s recent announcement on immigration enforcement. Election years are the time to get work done in Washington. But oddly enough, they seem to be the time to block progress in Monterey County. 

County Supervisor Dave Potter finds himself in a tough re-election bid against former supe and water-rights attorney Marc Del Piero, and appears to be taking a stand against California American Water’s go-it-alone desal proposal. County Counsel Charles McKee is now preparing, at the supes’ direction, to sue Cal Am for ignoring a county ordinance that requires public ownership of any desal facility. A good rule it may be, and one that safeguards the public, but Del Piero doesn’t think the county has much of a case until Cal Am has the go-ahead from the California Public Utility Commission. There’s nothing to take to court until there’s a permit, he says.

But in an election year, populism saves – especially considering Potter, along with fellow supe Lou Calcagno, are under investigation by the state Fair Political Practices Commission in relation to Desal Collapse 1.0. Now they’re gearing up for battle 2.0, before Squid even had a moment to shed a saltwater tear over the Peninsula’s bucket-shower future.

Marina Coast Water District GM Jim Heitzman, another shunted Cal Am partner, plans to cash in on that dry future in water-rich Marina. “I’m going to buy the REI,” he tells Squid, “turn it into a laundromat, and do fluff-and-fold for the Peninsula.”

CONFESSION TIME… Squid admits to a few guilty pleasures, like eating Barbara’s white-cheddar cheese puffs and setting papier-mache llamas on fire in the fever of Summer Solstice festivities. Oh, and watching Mrs. Eastwood & Company in lonely Midwestern hotel rooms.

In the latest reality fluffery, Dina and the brood have traveled to Hawaii, and Eduard Leonard – from the South African boy band Overtone, which she manages – makes a half-assed, drunken suicide attempt (a few cuts on his arms) because he’s coming out of the closet (on national TV) and feels the other band members aren’t accepting him. 

To whom does Dina take him for therapy once they come back from Hawaii? Not a shrink. She takes him to Dr. Robert Keller, Monterey-area plastic surgeon and “a very dear friend” of Dina’s. For what better way to boost a depressed young gay musician’s sense of self-worth than a couple sessions of Smart Lipo?

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