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Scoot Over…As Squid oozed around town throughout the holiday weekend, contending with crowds for the unofficial kickoff to summer and Squid’s jalopy kept stalling, Squid thought: There’s got to be a better way to travel.

Lime thinks they’ve got the answer, with electric scooters that zip around. Squid saw a couple along the Rec Trail, but didn’t try one Squidself—Squid instead opted to just settle into the lair for a cup of hot chocolate, considering the summer season kicked off with wintry weather. Students at CSU Monterey Bay decided to go for it and try Lime scooters, after campus officials inked a deal with Lime last year, and they proved wildly popular.

But scooters know no boundaries, and while CSUMB had approved their use, the city of Marina had not. Marina City Council asked city staffers to look into how to come to an agreement with the company, and as of August, they were in talks about insurance and indemnification. (Stuff that’s even less fun than dodging errant scooters.)

Presenting to Marina City Council on May 21, Assistant City Manager Matt Mogensen said, “Unfortunately I’m here tonight to tell you we have not been able to come to an agreement on insurance requirements.”

No big deal—except the city remains unclear on whether they’re by default in some sort of agreement. “Under the circumstances, where the university entered into an agreement with Lime and we have scooters throughout our city but no written agreement—we are in the path of the Lime scooters—are we, quote-unquote, ‘authorizing’ it?”

Squid will leave the answer to that question to attorneys, but in practice, Squid wants to know what’s next. Mogensen said the issue seems like a moot point for now, because Lime has been through campus since school ended for the summer, picking up their gear. (“I don’t expect we’ll see them back until school is back in—if they come back in,” he said.)

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But speaker/Marina resident Paula Pelot said whether or not the company’s come through town to collect its gear, she is seeing Lime scooters abandoned all over Marina: “I’m seeing them at people’s homes, in their backyards. People are collecting them for whatever reason.”

Scooters have barely arrived, but it sounds to Squid like people have already moved on to the next concept: scooter junkyards. Maybe it’s time for Squid to trade in the jalopy.


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