DUCK AND COVER… Squid has spent long moments in traffic on Canyon del Rey, watching a theropod revolution unfold as geese that hang out at Seaside City Hall’s lawn take to the street (literally) and waddle around, holding up traffic. Squid assumes if geese had middle fingers, they would raise them at the impatient drivers who honk.

If geese had middle fingers, they would probably have flocked to Monterey County Superior Court and raised them at Solomon Phelps. The Monterey resident was charged last July with a felony count of maliciously and intentionally killing an animal – a duck, not a goose – by running it over once, then turning around and running it over again – at Monterey’s El Estero Park in May 2020.

At a preliminary hearing on Feb. 11, a witness described the horror of seeing the duck struggling on the ground before Phelps ran it over again: “He finished off the duck,” the witness said. Gruesome stuff.

The prosecutor argued Phelps “intentionally murdered” the duck because Phelps could have avoided running it over. The defense attorney argued the duck asked for it by being in the roadway in the first place. And Judge Rafael Vasquez said the prosecution hadn’t proven the basis for the felony charge and dismissed the case.

Phelps isn’t entirely free, though. While Vasquez returned his $10,000 bail, Phelps was ordered to come back to court for allegedly violating probation on a previous case. Duck around and find out, Squid thinks.

WATER WOMEN… When Squid hears horror stories about traffic collisions involving terrestrial creatures, Squid is glad Squid’s watery lair is in the sea. The water is welcoming to all, is how Squid sees it. And so is the politically heated topic of water in Monterey County – everyone can pick a side and join in the fray.

So Squid tuned into a virtual event on “the future of our water supply and the Cal Am buyout,” hosted by the League of Women Voters of the Monterey Peninsula and featuring speaker Dave Stoldt of the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District.

Squid knows the League doesn’t comprise only women, nor does it feature only women at its events. The mission statement doesn’t even say anything about women – it’s there to “encourage informed and active participation in government” – but still, Squid had this idea that maybe in a League of Women Voters event, women would participate. There to introduce Stoldt was George Riley, a board member of MPWMD (and not a woman). There to introduce Riley and the event overall was LWVMC President Howard Fosler (also not a woman). There to moderate the Q&A portion of the event was Dennis Mar (you guessed it). That’s 80 minutes, four speakers, zero women, if you’re keeping score.

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