SHOPPING TRIP… As a squidlet, Squid would take Squid’s allowance down to the corner store for Shrimples (think Skittles, but shrimp flavored) and Swedish fish. The store changed hands and looks nothing like it did, which Squid gets. It’s a store, not a shrine. In Carmel Valley, residents apparently think the Mid Valley Shopping Center is a shrine, based on the fervor they’ve invested for around three years demanding it be declared a historic resource to stymie owner Russ Stanley from making improvements.

One of the arguments by Stanley to the Monterey County Historic Resources Board was that the local architect who designed the 1966 center, Olof Dahlstrand, wasn’t a “master architect” who influenced other architects. Board chair John Scourkes was unmoved at a meeting on April 7. “To say that he hasn’t influenced anybody, how do you know?” Dahlstrand was significant enough to locals, he and other board members argued. They also suggested the architecture of the center represents a distinctive style representative of the Carmel Valley way of life. If that way of life includes drab, boxy buildings, perhaps they’re onto something?

The board voted 6-1 to send a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors to approve putting the center on a register of historic resources. The supes are scheduled to vote on that June 14. Squid ordered Shrimples from Amazon for old time’s sake to munch on while watching both sides wrangle yet again.

DOESN’T COUNT… Manifesting one’s future seems to be trendy right now. Declarations about your own future, especially in the public square, take ambition and confidence, two qualities Squid is hard pressed to knock. Squid does not like to manifest. Instead, Squid likes to rely on Rob Breszny’s astrological readings as a preview of how the stars are aligning. This week, Squid hopes Assemblymember Robert Rivas, D-Hollister, and a Capricorn, is also a Bresznyite, and that he welcomes the advice to look at everything in life as a lesson.

Rivas, a rising star of the California Assembly, tried to do a little manifesting of his own on May 27 with a press release boldly stating he had enough votes to succeed Assemblymember Anthony Rendon as Assembly speaker, the most powerful political position in the state outside of the governorship. Almost immediately, news publications began running stories that Rivas’ ascent to speaker was a lock.

Ah, if only it were as easy as claiming to have the votes. A few days later, the Assembly’s Democratic Caucus held a vote where a majority of its members voted to keep Rendon as speaker through at least the end of the session this August.

Where’s the Bresznyan lesson in all of this? Just like counting chickens before they hatch, don’t publicly announce votes until they’re cast.

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