BEAST MODE… After a long-awaited jetty rock massage, Squid poked up over the surface to check on the folks of Monterey, only to find gubernatorial candidate John Cox stepping off his bear-themed bus to make comments on his bear-themed campaign during a stop at Window on the Bay. Cox began his stump with a comment on how the French Laundry was right across the street – the commercial laundry business, not the Yountville restaurant at which Gov. Gavin Newsom infamously dined indoors as the pandemic surged in November. Comedy is a powerful tool, unless you have to clarify to your audience that you’re joking, which Cox did after an awkward silence. It appeared the press pool thought Cox could have been confused in earnest. It was a strong start.

The Republican then turned to self-deprecating humor, a rare and questionable choice for any politician, especially an underdog. Cox has positioned himself as the “beast” trying to beat Newsom’s “beauty.” After not just one but several mentions of how “beautiful” Newsom is, Cox said he was not a “pretty boy” but that his wife thought he was OK, “at least.” If pity votes were a thing in politics, Cox might have picked up a few with his event on the bay.

That Cox sounded a bit repetitive is no surprise to Squid; after losing to Newsom by a whopping 62-38 percent in 2018, he’s trying again. No harm in running for the same seat twice, but Squid thinks it best that politicians leave comedy to comedians.

FREE BIRD… Squid has been contemplating a career change. Being a snarky cephalopod is fun, but Squid feels there’s great opportunity in the emerging world of **checks notes** helping parking garage owners maximize their ROI (that’s fin-geek speak for return on investment) vis-a-vis a paradigm shifting win-win-win (that’s tech-geek speak for good stuff) using underutilized assets (fin-geek speak for garages nobody parks in) as skyports for aerial ridesharing services (as in, well, skyports for aerial ridesharing services).

That seemed to be the gist of a press release from Marina-darling Joby Aviation, which just announced strategic partnerships with REEF Technology and Neighborhood Parking Group to use underutilized parking garages as take off and landing pads for Joby’s electric aerial ride sharing vehicle. (Think Uber, only all-electric helicopters.)

Squid doesn’t imagine ever availing Squidself of this service, yet Squid was transfixed by the mandatory financial disclosures at the end of the press release, as they were longer than the release itself – or any flying car ride to date. Maybe being a snarky cephalopod isn’t so bad. Squid’s disclaimers are usually short and to the point and involve begging, rather than forward-looking statements meant to appease the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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