DOPPELGANGER… During shelter-in-place, Squid is spending a lot of time powering up the old desktop and logging on to the internet for what Squid believes is called “surfing the web.” Searching for what members of the Millennial and Zoomer generations have on their minds, Squid began visiting Reddit. Reddit is made up of subreddits, which are pages devoted to different topics, and Squid discovered the usefully titled r/MontereyBay and r/BigSur.

At first, the territory felt familiar, with the typical conversations about culture and politics. But then, starting June 22, the r/BigSur page was flooded with posts that read like gibberish: “AltStore mail plugin doesn’t work” and “New feature to hamper adware operations.” Squid was about ready to call the internet quits with a tentacle shrug, resigning Squidself to technological illiteracy.

But then Squid realized: June 22 was the date of Apple’s announcement of a new operating system called macOS Big Sur, the successor to Apple’s CatalinaSierra and Yosemite operating systems. Did the people posting technical questions not realize that macOS versions are named after real places? Who knows.

The locals might be powerless to keep the tourists out of Big Sur, but they are not powerless to keep the Apple dorks out of r/BigSur, where a warning is now posted: “This subreddit is not for macOS Big Sur. Posting about macOS Big Sur will get you permanently banned. Thanks.”

CONFLICT OF INTERESTS… Squid knew that big (if illegal) fireworks shows were coming on the Fourth of July in Seaside and Salinas, but there was a pre-show in Carmel on July 3, when two people were arrested for venturing onto Carmel Beach, defying a beach closure order announced the day before. One of those arrested was a Santa Clara man who ignored repeated warnings by Carmel Police officers and wound up fighting them. What could have led him to believe he could walk unhindered on the famous white sand beach?

Maybe it was Carmel’s own invitation to the people of the San Francisco Bay Area in the week leading up to the holiday. “Carmel-by-the-Sea welcomes you to rediscover our famous coastline,” the 30-second ad created by Visit Carmel begins, with drone footage of the shoreline. “Explore the natural scenic beauty and feel the white sands of Carmel Beach under your feet,” it continues, showing two men walking on the sand. The ad was running on Bay Area stations and is available on YouTube, where it’s garnered more than 26,000 views since posted on June 19. (You can watch it at

Carmel can’t be totally blamed for this mixed message. Agencies that waited until the very last minute to shut down all beaches share in the misstep that left egg on Peninsula leaders’ faces, dripping onto the white sand below.

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