DOUBLE TIME… Squid sometimes daydreams about becoming a CalPERS retiree, and all the shrimp-flavored popcorn Squid could buy without having to lift a tentacle. It seems to Squid some local officials have thought about that too. Specifically, outgoing Salinas Police Chief Adele Freséwho announced on April 28 that her upcoming retirement was coming around early July, pending a discussion with CalPERS. “There are a couple of opportunities out there in the public and private sector I’m exploring, but for now I want to finish my time here,” she told reporters in April.

But a quick perusal of the internet, and it looks like she’s waist-deep in exploring those opportunities. There she is on the website of Bob Murray & Associates, an executive recruitment firm, a senior executive recruiter who “retired prior to joining” the Roseville-based firm. (Funny thing, then, that she’s still on the city of Salinas’ payroll, last day Sept. 9.)

Coincidence that the firm has partnership with the California Police Chiefs Association to provide candidates for interim assignments? Maybe not. Roberto Filice, who was previously assistant chief and has been tapped to become interim chief after Fresé technically departs, is already using a different title in her absence: acting chief. Because more or less since she announced her retirement, she’s been burning through vacation time, and someone has to stick around to mind the store.

SECONDHAND VIRUS… Squid saw the cars backed up on Highway 1 the morning of Aug. 10 and turned Squid’s jalopy around to head north, away from Carmel. It was the day for Concours on the Avenue, the village’s big Car Week event when fancy cars line the narrow streets for aficionados to drool over. Squid hopes those folks were wearing masks to catch the drool and limit the aerosolized Covid delta variant particles drifting around.

Only a week before, such particles were on the minds of the Carmel City Council at an Aug. 3 council meeting. Councilmembers were talking about wine tasting room parklets when the subject of requiring people to wear masks indoors came up, and down the rabbithole members went, wondering if they could require masks inside council chambers when in-person meetings resume. (City Attorney Brian Pierik said they could encourage the masks, but not require them.) They could also require people who refuse to wear a mask to sit in another section of the room.

Squid has sat in that tiny room umpteen times, and instantly knew this was a fool’s errand. Those pesky particles would easily spread to everyone else. Councilmember Jeff Baron suggested the maskless stay in the City Hall lobby where there’s a TV. Pierik agreed that would be a reasonable accommodation, and Baron wryly dubbed it the “smoking section.” Drop that mic, Councilmember.

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