CIVIL SERVICE… Squid is bracing for the elections, not only nationally, but locally. There’s gonna be a new supervisor for District 4 on the Monterey County Board of Supervisors. There might be a new face or two on the Monterey and Seaside city councils. And in Salinas, the mayor’s seat is up for grabs, and so are two council seats.

And whoever wins those Salinas races? Boy are they stepping in it! Pandemic, economic uncertainty, no city manager (Ray Corpuz’s last day is Sept. 29) and now Police Chief Adele Fresé may be riding off into the sunset as well.

That last bit of news was revealed Sept. 3, when the city of San Marcos, Texas, sent out a press release to local (Texas) media announcing its list of finalists for the chief’s job there. Fresé, who has two years left on her Salinas contract, was on the list.

Much to the surprise of most of her officers, who found out about it via social media.

“There was lots of surprise,” one Salinas officer tells Squid’s colleague. “Nobody knew.”

Fresé has told the media that family – and ranch property there – have her wanting and needing to move back to Texas. And that’s probably true. But then again, Fresé has been wanting to move south for awhile. In fact, she applied for the chief’s job in Greenfield earlier this year.

That’s south, right?


INVESTING FOR DUMMIES… Squid spent Labor Day weekend trying to avoid tourists while also trying to stay cool. This entailed drawing all the shades in the lair, sitting in front of a fan in Squid’s underoos and making sure Squid’s beloved bulldog, Rosco P. Coltrane, had plenty of water in his bowl. Throughout the hot hours, Squid took to doom-scrolling Twitter, where Squid stumbled upon the feed of Jeff Gorman, the Republican-with-a-capital-R who is running for Congress against Jimmy Panetta.

Squid found the usual inane-bordering-on-insane rhetoric – retweeting Breitbart content and Q-Anon conspiracy theories likely being spun by Russian bots, and not actual people – when Squid stumbled upon this gem, by Gorman: “CalPERS invests billions in China, Chinese military and internment camps. Panetta is silent. I will cease funding Chinese weaponry, including bioweapons. I will work to free Uighurs and Tibetans. Yes, that is how Newsom and the dems invest california pension funds! Terrible.”

Squid wonders: Does Gorman, a financial planner, understand how CalPERS works? Newsom has appointed only two of the 13 board members. And Gorman is running for federal office, not state.

Given Gorman has also referred to Covid-19 as “the China virus,” it’s probably not surprising he’d call out investments in China. Squid wonders if he buys stuff (and invests in) 100-percent U.S.-made only.

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