NO DUH… Squid used to gamble until Squid bet big time on a “sure thing” in the seahorse races and lost everything. The seahorse turned out to have a lame back fin and just sadly swam in circles after bolting out of the starting gate. That costly loss aside, Squid knows a sure bet when Squid sees one. Take, for example, betting on what happens in the case of a bunch of unvaccinated Monterey County Sheriff’s deputies during a Covid-19 surge fueled by the dangerous delta variant.

On Sept. 13, the Sheriff’s Office announced that 51 people at the County Jail had tested positive for Covid: 30 inmates, 16 deputies and five contractors. Of the 16 deputies who tested positive only one was vaccinated against Covid. Not surprising since Sheriff Steve Bernal went on the record saying he wouldn’t enforce a county employee vaccination mandate after the Monterey County Board of Supervisors approved one 5-0 on July 30. (The deadline to be vaccinated is Sept. 30, or face disciplinary action up to and including dismissal by the county.)

While reporting the jail outbreak story, Squid’s colleague confirmed this sublimely ironic tidbit: The very deputies who stubbornly refuse to be vaccinated regularly offer incentives to inmates to get jabbed. (Free snacks from the commissary.)

LONG FACE… Squid has never quite understood all the hype about equines – they have merely four legs, compared to Squid’s eight arms and two tentacles. But humans love horses, and as Squid learned while watching a controversial decision about the future of the Marina Equestrian Center play out, they love horse-related drama.

On Sept. 8, Marina City Council finally voted. Out of three bids – two from local nonprofits, one from an out-of-town company that’s a pro at managing horse parks – they voted 3-2 to pick out-of-towners Chaparral Country Corporation Inc. as the new concessionaire. Squid thought the drama was far from over, however. Four days later, Squid saw the next chapter unfolding in the form of a GoFundMe campaign to raise legal fees for the Marina Equestrian Center, the former concessionaire that got booted for a bunch of reasons. The fundraising page promises to file an injunction to stop the process, claiming city staff was “dishonest and biased,” and alleging a vague sense of “corruption.”

Squid thought MEA members were the biased ones; they literally closed the stable after the horse had bolted. They let the Equestrian Center rot and then, when they saw the concession agreement slipping through their fingers, promised they’d get better. But old dogs can’t learn new tricks, at least if Squid’s beloved bulldog, Rosco P. Coltrane, is any indication. It’s past time for new management at this park, and Squid plans to ride over on a pony.

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