COUNTING THE CHICKENS… Squid is pro-housing for all creatures of sea and land in need of a home, especially housing for those that struggle to afford it. However, Squid is anti-second-housing, since those that already have one are taking up (empty) space and pushing up prices for what’s left for full-time residents. In Pacific Grove there’s a first-home/second-home switcheroo attempt by developer Dan Silverie, who has big money in his sights.

Silverie is constructing a mixed-use building at 520 Lighthouse Ave., with retail on the first floor and market-rate residential units on the top two floors. Two years after the P.G. City Council approved the project – and with construction nearly complete – Silverie called an audible and asked for a switch from residential units to condos. City planning staff handed Silverie a hard “no.”

He’s taking his case to the P.G. Planning Commission on Oct. 14 (Squid expects they’ll also deliver a hard no), but Silverie’s acting like he already has approval. Squid found a slick online ad for “520 Lighthouse” where “10 lucky owners” can live in “You-Centric” designed condos, at a “Life-Centric Address” three blocks from the ocean, near restaurants, art galleries and golf courses. The target audience is clearly second home buyers with money to burn: The sale price is reportedly $2.5 million.

“You – Centric?” More like “Me-Centric,” as in give me money.

TRIPLE THREAT… There are few things Squid loves more than watching a good game, which is one reason Squid tuned into this year’s Congressional Baseball Game, where members of Congress from both sides of the aisle get together every year to play ball and pretend that bipartisanship still exists. And this year, there was added enhancement: Many of the players on the Republican side voted in January to overturn the presidential election. Good times!

But clearly, that did not cloud the focus of Congressman Jimmy Panetta, D-Carmel, who came out swinging, and came in sliding: In the first inning, Panetta knocked a two-run triple into the outfield, and when he came into third base, he slid headfirst. Then, in Panetta’s next at-bat, he hit another two-run triple, and once again slid headfirst into third (OK, more of a belly flop) even though the third baseman was nowhere in sight. And Jimmy wasn’t done yet: He hit an inside-the-park homer in the fifth, and yes, did indeed slide headfirst into home. The C-SPAN announcers praised his effort, with one saying, “Every time he got on base, you knew something exciting was going to happen, so even in a losing effort for the Democrats, quite an effort by Jimmy Panetta.”

If only headfirst slides could stave off future Republican attempts to steal an election, but alas, it’s only a game.

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