SQUIDS-GIVING… Squid prefers shrimp to turkey, so Squid traditionally skips the big Thanksgiving feast – and besides, Squid practices gratitude all year round. For example, Squid was grateful back in June during primary election season to the 12 voters who swung Measure B in Del Rey Oaks in favor of keeping a regional bike/pedestrian trail alive.

Squid is thankful for free and fair elections; as Monterey County Elections Department workers count the remaining votes from Nov. 8, you can go watch them in action. Squid is thankful that many public meetings are still conducted virtually, so Squid does not need to put on pants to watch local government in action. Squid is grateful to the new guard that ran for office and looks forward to watching new faces – Tina NietoTyller WilliamsonGlenn Church and more – while chomping on popcorn during the aforementioned meetings.

Squid is thankful to bartender Anthony Vitacca, whose cocktail program at Vesuvio includes a drink named “May the Schmalz be with you,” named after Squid’s colleague David Schmalz (even if the drink is sweeter than its namesake).

And, of course, Squid is thankful that the sun also rises.

SUCH A DEAL… Speaking of things Squid is grateful for, Squid lives happily in the lair. A nice thing about living under the sea is that if you find a good vacant home you take it, no need for agents, mortgages and the like. It boggles Squid’s mind to watch prices on dry land continue to make an upward climb.

Recently Squid was surprised while oozing around Pacific Grove to see one home offered at a price below other homes. That house is the world-famous P.G. Butterfly House, a visual melange of hot pink, yellow, teal, green orange, purple and other colors, affixed on the outside with thousands of butterfly figures and images. It was created by late owner J Jackson out of love for his wife Sonja, who is legally blind but can see bright colors. It’s popular on social media sites and is featured on websites like Atlas ObscuraTripadvisor and one called Weird California. The two-bedroom, two-bathroom house was listed at $998,000.

Real estate agent Arlene Hardenstein tells Squid’s colleague that another similar-sized home in the neighborhood (albeit with a guest house) was going for $1.4 million. “You’re taking a lot on,” Hardenstein says of the Butterfly House. It is, after all, a tourist attraction. She priced it “aggressively,” and quickly found buyers who said they plan on retaining the eclectic exterior.

Considering how famous the house is the world over, Squid would have thought it would be considered more valuable. Sadly, Instagram fame doesn’t always translate to actual wealth.

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