FINGER FIGHT… Squid enjoys watching homo sapiens engage in thumb wars, one of those bizarre human rituals that appears to be a way of proving dominance. (Squid could easily take on both hands with a single tentacle.)

A different finger is now the subject of another ritual about seeking dominance: a lawsuit. Specifically, Monterey County Sheriff’s Deputy James Day (along with unnamed John/Jane Does 1-4) are suing the county, alleging their bosses violated their rights “by failing to provide adequate notice of the focus and nature of an investigation into allegations that one of them made a rude gesture towards the sheriff before subjecting them to interrogation.”

The suit, filed June 24 in Monterey County Superior Court, mostly concerns the Public Safety Officers’ Procedural Bill of Rights, which states: “The public safety officer under investigation shall be informed of the nature of the investigation prior to any interrogation.” The five peace officers didn’t know the nature of the investigation until they were being questioned, the lawsuit says.

What stands out to Squid is that in the suit, Day and Does 1-4 don’t deny making “a profane gesture in the direction of the sheriff’s vehicle as he drove by” – they just say they should’ve known that’s what they were being questioned about in advance.

Instead of going to court, Squid thinks they should just try a thumb war.

TOP COP… Squid was recently enjoying a cannabis edible, staring out at the water and thinking about the past. Remember when cops and weed went together like, well, cops and weed? Back in the day, if you were caught carrying, it was a guaranteed arrest, followed by a court case, followed by massive fines and maybe even incarceration. Now, with legal weed the law of the land, weed has found a new friend in cops – specifically, former cops. Former Salinas Police Chief Kelly McMillin, who at one point in his career was an undercover drug cop, runs the compliance group at Indus Holding Co., a manufacturer of edibles based in Salinas. And not to be outdone, Grupo Flor, also based in Salinas, just hired former Oakland Police Capt. Ersie Joyner. Joyner went undercover starting at age 22, and ended up spending much of his career working drug cases, on loan to agencies like the DEA and the FBI to surveil drugs and weapons smugglers from the Mexican border to the Bay Area, according to a Guardian story by investigative reporter Darwin BondGraham. Joyner has some detractors: On the Facebook page “California’s Deadliest Cops,” it’s reported that he was investigated for authorizing the use of less-than-lethal projectiles on Occupy protesters in 2011.

It’s gotta be a weird transition, going from the policing industry to the weed industry, Squid thinks. Here’s hoping they allow new employees free samples.

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