GRAPES OF WRATH… As Squid cozied up in the lair on a recent weeknight, ready to sit down to a glorious meal of barbecued shrimp, Squid struggled to decide which of Squid’s white wines would pair with it best: A Hahn Chardonnay or a Manzoni Pinot Gris?

Squid decided to go online to compare tasting notes, but got sidetracked on Facebook along the way. Scrolling though a neverending stream of baby photos, Squid froze on a friend’s post that went like this: “New test: replace the word ‘Muslims’ with ‘Jews’ and then ask yourself, ‘Do I sound like a f***king Nazi?’” On that post, Mark Manzoni, grandson of a Swiss immigrant and chief of the Manzoni Estate Vineyard, replied: “The difference is Jews were not the murderers, it was the Nazis. Here it is the Muslims who are murderers. Get a fucking clue dumbass.” Ahem.

Then Squid checked out Manzoni’s Facebook page, which, it so happens, is public. On it, Manzoni professes his allegiance to Donald Trump, and refers to President Barack Obama as a “fucking Muslim extremist,” despite the fact Obama is neither a Muslim nor an extremist. Manzoni also asks God to impeach Obama. “I will not be politically correct for you shallow thin-skinned idiots,” he writes in another post. “I am not a racist.”

Squid, far from convinced, uncorked the Manzoni and poured it down the drain, because some tastes you just can’t get out of your mouth. The Hahn, Squid notes, was delicious.

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HERALDING CHANGE… There was a time when it took Squid practically all day to catch up on local news with the Salinas Californian and the Monterey County Herald fully staffed and publishing daily. Now that the Californian is no longer a daily and the Herald only runs a few original stories a day, Squid can read through the papers before Squid goes for a second cup of coffee.

While Squid is a competitive cephalopod, Squid applauds the staff at the Herald for keeping at it, even if Digital First Media, their private-equity owned parent company, is trying to pick all the flesh off the once-muscled body. Herald staff even won seven California Newspaper Publishers Association awards for 2015. But it will be hard to keep up with the latest in a string of departures: Features editor Jeannie Evers is out this week.

Squid overheard local real estate magnate Nader Agha openly discussing his thoughts on the Herald recently, contemplating whether to make an offer. He said DFM is asking around $18 million, while he’d only be interested in the paper at $2 million, since there’s not much left of the Herald beyond a recognizable name. Squid thinks it’d be good for the region if the Herald were locally owned, but imagines rare coin and collectible coverage might end up being all that’s left.

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