Follow-up: What do you wish you had focused on more while in school?

Asked at CSU Monterey Bay


A: Going on field trips for geology in college, like to the Carmel River and the Frog Pond.

Book Worm: In high school, I took lots of AP classes and studied nonstop. I wish I’d had more fun.

MELODY NGUYEN |Pool Hall Hostess | Marina

A: I met someone my freshman year who I’ve had a great friendship with for four years. It’s hard to find good people like him.

Side Pocket: I wish I’d used my free time to focus on my hobby, which is pool.

CEAN MANZANO | Student | Salinas

A: Senior year homecoming, when we stayed out until midnight painting murals at Alisal High School.

Long Gone: I should have made more effort to maintain my connection with friends before we graduated high school.


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