Follow-up: Would you ever adopt or foster a child?

Asked at Dennis the Menace Park, Monterey

JERRY BENITEZ | Student | Seaside

Street Talk 12.11.14 - Jerry

A: I’m the most different in my family because I served. I didn’t come from such a good place. The military gave me an out.

Almost Did: My wife and I tried for years to have a child. [Adoption] was something we were considering, but we got lucky.

DANIELLE HARAMI | Stay-at-home Mom | Seaside

Street Talk 12.11.14 - Danielle

A: My sister. I’m a feminist and believe in equality, but she takes it to the extreme, hating and putting down men.

Open Arms: I would. I like children of all different ethnicities and races.

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MIRANDA ZIPSE | Student | Carmel

Street Talk 12.11.14 - Miranda

A: My brother is adopted and he’s black. But we’re just physically different. He’s been part of the family about 12 years.

Maybe Not: I don’t know if I want children. It’s not something I’m thinking about.

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