In the Stars

Ana Poirier runs the Noon Moon Circle, where women meet monthly to discuss astrology.

There is a local circle of women who gather at nighttime once a month. They meet in a yoga studio, but they are not there for downward-facing dog. There are no mats. Instead, you will see notebooks, pillows, seasonal snacks and whatever supplies Ana Poirier decided will increase the power of the monthly ritual.

For the last few months, New Moon Circle has been meeting in Elektren yoga studio in Seaside, but as of December, they are moving to a new location at Seaside Yoga Sanctuary located in Carmel Plaza. In the meantime, the “powerful, intense, transformational” moon in Scorpio falls on Thursday, Nov. 4. “We are getting deep into the darker time of the year,” Poirier says. “Throw in some eclipses, and it’ll be a ride for sure.”


Originally from Connecticut, Poirier always knew she belonged to the West Coast. She trained to be a dancer but stopped at the age of 21. “I had a sort of spiritual awakening,” she says. “I heard a voice saying: You can feel better.” That experience turned her attention to a career in holistic nutrition.

She arrived in Monterey County at 24 to study at Esalen Institute, a Big Sur institution that has long been a world leader in alternative and experiential education. She started teaching yoga, eventually adding health coaching and massage. Therapists and yogis around her always talked about astrology and natal charts. Soon, she developed a serious interest, analyzing her own birth charts, always paying special attention to the moon. “We are all affected by the moon,” she says. “It pulls on the water of the body.”

Natal charts can be done for free online on various platforms. They require the knowledge of the exact birth date and the exact birth place. If you have a few minutes, you can pull out all the information on your own. But to understand what it means that you have Venus in Gemini and Mars in Virgo – that might require professional help. There are houses and cusps, and chakras – and among them, a lot of fun.

While Poirier has been introducing elements of astrology to her yoga classes for a long time, she started her journey as an astrologer six years ago and deciding to certify in a method by Angel Quintana called Life Path Astrology. To earn the certificate, she had to do 50 readings of natal charts and submit 25 of them to her mentor.

About two years ago, Poirier started to charge for the readings, but in the midst of a pandemic depression, her Moon in Aquarius (her Sun is in Pisces and her Rising is Cancer) found a practical and optimistic solution. In addition to individual readings, she started what she calls “our sacred new moon circle,” a monthly deliberation on how astral motion influences lives. “In times of uncertainty, people seek help and confirmation,” she says. “It’s an especially vital time for us to come together in common intention to stay above the 3D fear, negativity and control.”

Individual readings take time and money, but the group program Poirier created offers more affordable, group deliberations on natal charts of all the members of the circle, both in general and in the contexts of current planetary movements. “This is your community, and I am just honored to hold the container,” Poirier says.

Scientists have dismissed astrologers as charlatan, but astrology is being reported as more popular than ever, often replacing organized religion among millennials. “This is science,” Poirier claims, pointing to big minds who did not dismiss astrology, like Johannes Kepler or Carl Jung, who used astrology in his work on archetypes. “I believe reading charts and paying attention to the planets can help you with your soul’s mission,” she adds, “can help you understand who you are.”

Moon in Scorpio is intense. It is the time when emotions deepen, Poirier says, thinking about the best way to make the upcoming moon gathering even more special. “There will be some magic rituals. And probably squash with maple syrup.”

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