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Many cannabis professionals spend their time helping guide customers through questions and concerns about different products. But they’ve got their own stories, including from the days they were new to cannabis; a few staffers at CannaCruz in Salinas shared some of their personal highlights.

Kelly Davis, marketing director: “One day I was working in cultivation, working with a few different strains. I worked up an appetite, so on my way home I stopped at the grocery store. I got inside and I hit the meat aisle and saw a lady smiling at me all friendly. Then I moseyed over to grab a loaf of bread and someone else is smiling at me, and I thought, ‘Everyone is really friendly at the grocery store, what a good day!’ Then I get to the checkout line and this woman goes, ‘It smells like a skunk in here!’ and everyone looked at me. Her demeanor was outside of everyone else’s; she had the stink face. Everyone had been smiling at me, and I had no idea why.”

Christopher Ramirez, budtender: “I was with friends, and it was my first time smoking through a bong. It came to my turn and I sparked up the bowl and as I was inhaling, the smoke was too strong for me because I was new to cannabis, so I exhaled into the bong which caused all the water to squirt all over my friend; the stem was pointed right at him. The flower flew out and got all wet. I learned my lesson – always exhale outside of the bong.”

Jordano Esparza, shift lead: “ It was one of my first times having edibles. There was a 100-milligram snickerdoodle cookie that me and three other friends split, so 25 milligrams each, and then we parted ways. I ended up seeing my friend as we were going to our next class. We were in a crowded group of people and made eye contact and immediately knew we were both high and just started cracking up. Everyone else around was so confused.”

CANNACRUZ 1156 Abbott St., Salinas. 202-0172,

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