4/20 Forever

April has brought the unexpected to all of us. There has been a shift in the way we live our daily lives, the way we celebrate and the way we enjoy holidays. For the stoners of the world, the virus may have put a damper on the celebration of 4/20 this year. If you missed out on deals because you were worried about the crowds, there’s good news. At Monterey Bay Alternative Medicine, 4/20 deals are available through the entire month of April. (It is, after all, April 2020, so the whole month is 4/20.)

The team at Monterey Bay Alternative Medicine know how much customers enjoy the holiday for the slashed prices on many of their favorite products, and they know there could be a way to deliver those discounts without creating a crowded rush on one day while people maintain social distancing.

“We were really struggling with figuring out, how do we bring our customers the deal that a lot of people are really used to and rely on this time of year? It’s like Black Friday in the cannabis world,” says Krista Fontius says.

“We thought, how can we get people deals without having everyone rushing to the store in one day?”

That’s when they decided to provide flash sales and pop-up deals all month, with the goal of providing the same deals that would normally be seen in one day, but keeping a large crowd away on 4/20.

Some of the deals being offered are: 50-cent Heavy Hitters full-sized 100mg gummies bags; 50-cent Heavy Hitters vape batteries; $10 Canna Gummies; and Jade THCa drops (that’s a non-activated raw THC that provides health benefits without psychoactive effects).

MONTEREY BAY ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, 800 Portola Drive, Del Rey Oaks, 393-2500. For more information about what’s on sale, sign up for MBAM’s newsletter at montereymed.com or visit instagram.com/mbam800.

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