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It’s officially summer. The weather is warm and the days are long, even if there is still a pandemic happening. Urbn Leaf manager Melissa Ybarra and assistant manager Angelica Aragon have some suggestions for summer treats to keep you feeling good no matter what you’ve got planned for the season.

When Aragon wants a sweet treat, she will crumble Big Pete’s Cookies and use them as a topping for her ice cream. She also suggests throwing them into a milkshake. Urbn Leaf’s offerings include chocolate chip, double chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies, and all flavors come with both indica and sativa strains of cannabis. For a hybrid ice cream goodie, throw in one of each.

Sluggy’s gummies are great for the summer because they’re individually wrapped; even in hot weather they don’t melt together. Throw them in your bag and bring them to the beach or on a hike.

Kiva Petra mints are a discreet way to get your cannabis fix. They’re only 2.5 milligrams each, so it’s easy to dial in your dose. “If you have plans for the whole day, those mints come in really handy because you just pop one real quick,” Aragon says.

If you’re looking for something a little more refreshing with a small dose or you want to add some extra kick to a cocktail, Cann social tonics have been a popular choice. Mix with a shot of your favorite liquor and some juice. Ybarra suggests substituting a Cann for Champagne in a mimosa.

Maybe even toss a Sluggy’s gummy onto the rim? If you take advantage of Urbn Leaf’s Munchie Monday deal, buy two of your favorite cannabis-infused snacks and get a third 50-percent off.

URBN LEAF is located at 680 Broadway Ave., Seaside. 233-3422,

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