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Martinez, right, says the duo is always asking, “What is the next level? What more can I create?”

Salinas residents Aime Gruber and Maggie Martinez are on a roll – literally.

The duo met nine years ago, when they applied for the same job. But instead of hard feelings when only one of them got it, they discovered they both share a love for beauty, and have since teamed up to become a traveling salon. Gruber, 32, does the hair styling, and Martinez, 33, does the makeup. But they don’t do it in a brick-and-mortar shop. Instead, they ply their trade in a sleek, 20-foot trailer – the Glamology Beauty Lounge – that’s been rolling since July. The pair have already had some clients, mostly weddings, and are hoping to cover a wide range of events from quinceañeras to parties and festivals.

The two beauticians sat down with the Weekly to talk about their hopes for the new business, and what the art of makeup and hair styling means to them.

Weekly: What was the process of creating this dream? Describe the trailer.

Gruber: [Before the trailer] we would always go on location. The problem was we would always have no room, there were no tables and nothing was catered to us. This was reflected in the time it took for us to get the work done. Choosing the vehicle was hard. At first I wanted a van or a plush van with moving chairs, but my husband said, if that vehicle breaks down, there goes my business.

Martinez: It’s a portable mini-salon at your service, at your home, your hotel, wherever you would be getting ready at. There are high chairs and mirrors and it’s very welcoming. It’s just somewhere that the bride feels comfortable away from the chaos of a salon, [a chance] to have that moment to herself.

What work were you doing before?

Gruber: I have had multiple jobs. I am a full-time mom, I work at a salon and I just launched this business so I am doing a lot, but I am doing it for this.

Martinez: I have been doing makeup freelance. I am also a secretary but since we both have this passion, we hope to eventually leave our full-time jobs. That is why this business came to be.

What is your favorite makeup/hair style to do?

Gruber: A lot of brides and other people tend to lean toward natural and beach waves. For me, when I get to do more commercial shoots, that is when I get my creativeness out. When it comes to hairstyling, I love to do a more edgy, high fashion style. It’s like an art.

Martinez: Avant garde makeup. There is no wrong or right, but you have more of a free hand to do what you want and the creativity is endless.

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Which famous woman has a look you just love and why?

Together: Beyoncé (laughter).

Martinez: She just has that skin, that amazing glow and she owns it. More than anything, if it’s a subtle look or a really extravagant look, owning what is on your face, hair or body is important.

Gruber: I feel the same way. Beyoncé is naturally very beautiful and comfortable in her own skin. She can do something crazy and do dramatic makeup or a crazy hairstyle but she is just very empowering.

Why do you love what you do? Gruber: It is seeing people’s reactions and how they feel after we have made them look amazingly beautiful, to where they are just in awe and shock, like, “Wow, I can’t believe you made me look like this.” That is just the best feeling to me.

Martinez: For me, it’s absolutely the same. I just had a bride say to me when I finished, “Oh my god, is it too much to say I look like a princess?” But all I do is accentuate the beauty that she already has. So for her to see that, with her hair done and everything done, there is nothing better.

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