Move 05.28.20

They’re not just for kids anymore. Get some balloons, blow them up, and you’re set. You can play balloon volleyball with one or more others. You can juggle it, soccer style, with your feet, knees and head. Blow up two or three of them and try to keep them aloft by hitting them in turn (like spinning plates). It’s a low-impact, cheap and fun way to move about, and can be done indoors with a single person or multiple people, including kids (the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends adults supervise kids under 8 to avoid choking) and elderly folks. Have some fun before you tie it: Pinch the nozzle and let a little air out to make shrieking and blurting noises. Or release it and let it fly randomly around the room. After you’re done, one therapist suggests writing negative or angry thoughts on a blown-up balloon, then popping it in an act of catharsis. (Just be sure you don’t let them fly away in outdoor spaces where they’ll become forever trash.)

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