Going Mobile

Jenn Silacci(left) and David Stickler workout at San Carlos Beach in Monterey.

“We get to watch the sunrise every day.”

Fitness instructor and yoga teacher David Stickler is enthusiastic when describing the benefits of an outdoor workout. “The breath, the view – it keeps you healthier,” he says, adding to his musing on the sun glinting over the Pacific.

For his students, however, the setting might not seem as serene. Stickler puts them through a strength and conditioning course Monday through Friday in the park at San Carlos Beach in Monterey. That means hefting weights, completing agility drills, working with bands, balls and ropes. And there’s something called plyometrics involved. Friday the focus is on handstand development, with a stand to exercise with aerial silks. Stickler calls the entire course Strength in Length.

“Mobility is the primary focus,” he explains.

Stickler knows how to get students there. He was a conditioning coach for college athletes, a trainer for circus performers, studied Buddhism and Bon Shamanism in Tibet and yoga in India. He discovered the benefits of outdoor training after Covid-19 shut him out of the studio. He packed everything into a trailer and headed to the beach.

Participants in Stickler’s regimen may not get a relaxing appreciation of the great outdoors – the scenery, the surf – as he challenges them to greater physical and mental goals. But they are outside, and better off for it. [DF]

Courses are at 6am and 7:30am Monday through Friday. For more information, visit davidstickler.com or call 275-3085.

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