Move 06.03.21

Monterey County doesn’t have obvious seasons, but that just means you have to look for more subtle changes. Even from one day to the next, popular local hiking trails can look like an entirely different place. Get to know the different features that signal the change – early blooming flowers may have died off, but that makes room for later, different colorful blooms. Patches of green grass can suddenly dry out, turning the sides of Golden State hills into shades of yellow and gold. Buckeye trees have sent out their wide, star-shaped leaves. And of course there is the changing influence of daily weather – one sunny, cloudless day can transition into a cloudy, dramatic sky the next. On your next romp through nature, don’t forget to bring your camera. No need to lug big, expensive equipment either; take a point-and-shoot, or just remember to take your phone out to take stock of your surroundings. You’ll be surprised what you’ll find, even if you return to the same place again and again, and experience the region’s natural abundance.

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