Move 12.31.20

Whether you’re aiming to jump on the #52HikeChallenge (one hike per week for the entire year), start the 365-mile challenge (running, walking, biking, hiking at least a mile every day) or train for a marathon, a new year always brings in a healthy dose of a go-getter attitude. Ride that wave. Yes, the things that 2020 has wrought do not go away instantly, but you can make it a little bit better by adding a few cardio-powered miles in 2021. A mile a day is roughly a 20 – to 25-minute walk. One hike every week isn’t hard in Monterey County if you’re willing to redefine what a hike looks like. (Hint: it doesn’t always mean driving out to the Sierras and getting lost.) Keep yourself accountable and start an Instagram hashtag of your adventures, or maybe even start a blog about your progress. When it’s out there in public, your followers will be there to cheer you on. Not really one for virtual reality? Get an accountability partner, someone who will wake up with you at 6am to go for a jog, or to whom you can send photos of your weekly hikes/daily walks. If you want to keep the progress to yourself, consider tracking your steps and progress with your smartphone, fitness watch or other gadgets that show you the bigger picture of your health.

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