Move 04.22.21

The ocean is a wondrous thing. As a whole, freshwater and oceans cover about 71 percent of the Earth’s surface. Oceans hold a whopping 96.5 percent of the world’s total water. They help regulate the climate. They’re full of mystery still – we know more about outer space than we do about our own oceans. That’s how deep and magical they are. What they are not is a giant endless trash can. Between pollution and rising global temperatures, our oceans (and the species that live in them) are suffering. Next time you’re enjoying a day at the beach, bring things that are reusable. Bring your own trash bags for whatever you items you have to throw away. Plan to keep your temporary piece of shore in the same condition you found it – or better – by packing out every item you bring in, and any other litter you find. Better yet, make an event out of keeping our beaches clean. Team up with friends and family to have a socially distant beach cleanup. Since we’re in the pandemic, most big beach cleanup event have been canceled, but you don’t need a big organization to do your part. Nonprofit Save Our Shores has a guide online ( with tips on how to clean up beaches safely, especially now that there’s an increased amount of PPE lying around.

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