Move 05.27.21

Our neighborhood walks, end-of-the-day bike rides and routine strolls to take Fido to pee in the park have been staple pieces of exercise during the pandemic. Pedestrian-based activities are a great way to sneak in light to moderate cardio and are a great excuse to get out of the house without much planning. Whether your work moves back into an office or will be situated at home for the foreseeable future, don’t let go of your daily outing routine if you can help it. Leave the car home when you can; biking is a great way to travel moderate distances and can even replace a car commute. Live on hilly terrain or want to lug a week’s worth of groceries up a hill? Consider investing in an electric bike (they’re cheaper and more environmentally friendly than a new car). If your work is less than two miles away, plan to get up just a little bit earlier to walk, skate or scooter in. Another perk of upholding your pedestrian-based habits is you become intimately familiar with your neighborhood. Storefronts, parks and new infrastructure like protected bike lanes or wider sidewalks are a blur from the car. Get to know your city better by foot, it may have changed since you last glanced at it in your rearview mirror.

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