Move 03.11.21

Spring cleaning is more than just your nightly washing dishes or weekly laundry load. It’s about taking stock of your home’s contents and getting rid of or, preferably, donating the things you don’t need in mass. It means reorganizing the pantry and donating non-perishable goods you’ll never need, and tending to those other projects that just aren’t nice to do in the dead of winter, like cleaning out your rain gutters or repainting your walls. This usually means a day-long event of moving and lifting heavy boxes and items. Reaching and climbing to dust those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Shuffling and pushing furniture around. Coincidentally, that makes for some great exercise. And if you have been hitting the (home) gym, it’s a great way to put your functional training (exercise that you do in the gym to make everyday movements easier) to the test.

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