Outside 09.23.21

On paper, yes, it’s a “recreational league.” But Monterey Peninsula Soccer League president Tom Moore says you won’t hear that phrase uttered much among the players. He says everyone in the over-30 league is “pretty competitive.”

Moore, who has been president of the league since 1987, estimates the league began in the early 1980s and today it is still going strong, with 10 teams with about 17 players each. The teams sport local names – some highlight their sponsors, such as Alvarado Street Brewery FC and Britannia Arms FC, while others, such as the Old Ducks, Lobos FC and the Monterey Gladiators, are just having fun. Then there is the Naval Postgraduate School, the team Moore plays on, that lost 19-0 in a recent game against the summer league’s third-place team, Alvarado Street.

The fall season kicked off last weekend and will run to mid-December. Although the league is an over-30 men’s league, Moore says women ages 18 and up are welcome. The league doesn’t host official tryouts; however players have to be approved by team captains and, given the level of competitiveness, it takes some skill to be welcomed onto a team.

The league, which is an important fundraiser for the Pacific Grove High School soccer programs, plays on Sundays at PGHS and and some Wednesdays at Cutino Park in Seaside. For more information, visit montereysoccer.org/over30. [CN]

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