Move 04.15.21

Look! In the sky! It’s a bird… and more of their bird friends! Monterey County is crazy for birds, or rather birds are crazy for Monterey County because there are some surprising hubs of avian activity everywhere. You don’t even have to go to some hidden rural property to discover them. Seaside’s Roberts Lake, for example, is a surprising magnet for various bird populations including the breeding population of Heermann’s Gulls, according to the Monterey Audubon Society. Speaking of lakes and important wetlands, Monterey County has a lot of them and they provide instant gratification for bird lovers. Try Upper Carr Lake in Salinas or of course, Elkhorn Slough, to see different kinds of plovers, sandpipers, pelicans and owls. Or just take a look where you are: Birds are everywhere. And you only need to go outside or post up at the window to see the different kinds flying about during spring. If you want to make an adventure out of it, consider visiting various birder paradises like Pinnacles National Park to watch condors and raptors (including hawks and peregrine falcons). If you happen to be walking by the Weekly’s office during dusk, don’t forget to look up in the trees and power lines. The murder (group) of crows starts to eerily gather at that time.

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