Follow-up: Do you have a favorite product or product you’d be interested in trying?

Asked at Broadway Avenue in Seaside


DAVID LEWIS | Retired | Seaside

A: I quit using pot 32 years ago, when I started smoking cocaine. I quit that when I went to jail.

Old School: I don’t know much about products now. When I did use it, I’d just smoke it.


MAX GEORIS |Coffeeshop Owner | Seaside

A: It can be talked about openly. I no longer have to go to the sketchy white van in a parking lot.

New Idea: I’m a big fan of whatever weird products the industry comes up with. My go to are pre-rolls and topicals.


DYLAN GRASSO | Manicurist | Pacific Grove

A: I don’t need a medical card anymore.

Big change: I use CBD drops. I’ve been off antidepressants for four years, since I switched.

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