Follow-up: What are you currently learning about yourself?

Asked at Marina State Beach

GARY RODGERS | Retired | Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

A: Be informed and aware of what’s going on around you. If you’re not paying attention, things like this election can happen.

Grown Up: Since I’ve become more reserved, I can think before acting.

JENNIFER MILLER | Product Manager | Fort Worth, Texas

A: I used to get so stressed I had chest pains, but thanks to stuff like yoga, I don’t sweat the little things as much anymore.

Time Out: My ability to multitask – working full-time and school – has surprised me.

JAMES MILLBURN | IT Administrator | Dallas, Texas

A: Don’t spend so foolishly on fun stuff, especially when you’re using credit cards.

No Kid-ing: I’m learning how to be the best dad I can. My son is 3 and I need to balance the discipline with the fun.

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