Follow-up: What job would you hate to have?

Asked at Old Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey.


MICHAEL NEWMAN | Nutritionist | Syracuse, New York

A: A diver studying sharks, because I’ve been into them since I saw Jaws. I’m intrigued by their mysterious nature.

Thrown Away: One of those community service jobs where you have to pick up trash.


HEATHER WELCH | Biologist | Monterey

A: My job as a biologist, except with more field work, like surveying bluefin tuna in the ocean.

Phone Home: A job where I have to cold-call people for sales.


SAM PETERSON | Retired | Tucson, Arizona

A: Radiologist, so I could help patients understand what they were going through.

Warm Up: Anything outdoors where it’s cold.

Staff photojournalist at Monterey County Weekly.

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