Follow-up: What is your form of artistic expression?

Asked at downtown Pacific Grove.


DIONNE YBARRA | Nonprofit executive director | Pacific Grove

A: Photography by Jade Beall. She is doing images of women and recognizes them as beautiful no matter their age. Her series on elders is inspiring.

In the Nest: I like making mobiles. Recently, I made one with a nest surrounded by shells and feathers on driftwood.


SETH HAID | Meat department clerk | Monterey

A: Rock music from the 1990s, like Linkin Park – real rock. The ’90s is my mom’s generation and what I grew up listening to.

Furniture Factory: I made my own bed frame and I am working on a desk.

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RENATE TRAPP | Communications officer | Amsterdam

A: Picasso’s “Guernica.” It is huge and cubist, aggressive. It shows how war can lead to a beautiful piece of art.

In Translation: I am trying to learn Spanish.

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